Who is this guy anyway?

Tom Kinnen and everything you ever needed to know about me or even more.

I'm a big Anime fan (Japanese Animation) and I run an archive server which contains a number of anime related files and fanfiction at http://www.fanfic.net/ (Which is down right now *sigh*).    Formally it was a LARGE general purpose archive but as I did not have the time to keep up with it and internet connections were becoming a problem it is now dedicated to Fan Fictions and Fan Artests.  The server is now home to a number of Fan Fiction authors and Fan Artists.   I'm also a big SCI-FI fan I love to read books and listen to music.  Right now I am rying to figure out if I want to give these new e-readers a try over paper books.

On July 1st 1998 I started working for The Lucent Remote Access Business Unit was formally Livingston Enterprises as a "Test Engineer" doing development for Radius ABM.   They make the equipment that ISPs and Corporate networks use to allow access to the Net and networks via POTS, ISDN, Leased Lines and so forth.  I've used there equipment as a user and was always impressed with their service, products and the great people working at Livingston.    Currently I work on the 8950 AAA server since Lucent aquired Ascend and the RADIUS ABM, Lucent PortAuthority and Ascend NavisRadius products mergeged into a single product called NavisRadius under the people from the original RADIUS ABM group. The product was later renamed to VitalAAA and now to 8950 AAA after with the merger with Alcatel.

Previous to working for Alcatel-Lucent I was the Director of Internet Services and Senior Technician (AKA Head Computer Geek) for USA Computers in Fort Myers, Florida.  I did everything from building and repairing computers and desinging networks.  Before all of this I was a Trumpet Player in the US Army.  I was stationed at Ft. Jackson, Little Creek Naval Amphib Base, Ft. Riley, and at Ft. McClellan.   Oh, and I scrubed dishes and cleaned tables in high school :).