Complete Loop


This is where I learned another thing that was not in the instructions. Those two little black stoppers in the other side of the radiator are not water tight plugs. They are just to keep the dust out. I found this out by powering up and as soon as the coolant hit the radiator we had a shower! And this is why I used the non-conductive coolant for my first attempt at a water loop rather then distilled water. I was glad I put down paper towels everywhere. After putting actual caps in the top fittings I started again and all went well. I send text messages it Ixe while she drove to work and then passed out on couch while the air worked out of the system.

After 9 hours of the test I did not see bubbles in the blocks and only in the reservoir. I went and remounted things and added in the fan controller. I am very unhappy with the cable management due to the extra 5 leads from the fan controller and at some point want to see if I can do something better. Also because of the pump I cannot use the power cable cover. Also I wound up mounting the last fan using those little round stick on Velcro holders. As you can see it only added a little clearance to fan (I saw a number of pictures on-line where people do not include this fan at all) and it only sticks out about 1/16 of an inch. Also in case you did not know there are 3x 120 MM fans on the bottom of the radiator pushing air and 2x 200mm fans on top pulling (with nice red LEDs.)

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