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2015-06-09: New House Pictures!

It only took almost 6 years and buying a new house but I'm updaing things again! Select the Photo Albums link on left to ses!

2009-12-22: New Pictures O.O!

In an attempt to actually do something after 4 years of neglect I'm starting to update the web site again. Check out the Photo Album Link.

To start with added photos of the Snow Storm we got in Cameron Park this month. Nothing like what I got in NY growing up but a lot more then I have seen in a log time.

Next up is the pictures of my trip SOuth Lake Tahoe when my mother came out to visit.

FFXI Pictures and Videos 2005-05-19

Added a number of FFXI screen shots from my FRAPS dir that were sitting around. Also added two video clients from Mission 5-1 and a HNM fight LoA was in. I'm the dead one as I got hit from 1,200 in the opening of the fight :(

Site Redesign

The site is undergoing a major resdesign and will follow the standard layout of all the sites I do.